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ShoppingBasket Wed 04-Oct-17 16:02:26

Can anyone recommend a dog lead please. Looking for a retractable one. My husband has said he has seen ones where you can press a button that will basically bring the dog back to you. Can anyone recommend please? Preferably long lead for country walks too smile

ShoppingBasket Wed 04-Oct-17 22:24:47

Anyone? grin

Ginmakesmecry Thu 05-Oct-17 20:44:19

My local pets at home were great when I was looking for a harness, they let you try the leafs for size

Wornoutbear Thu 05-Oct-17 20:48:25

Please don't use a retractable lead - they can be dangerous to dogs and people - what sort of a dog to you have?

PhatSlag Thu 05-Oct-17 20:51:11

I really hate retractable leads too, you have so little control over your dog if you need to get them close to you quickly.
I really love Ezydog leads, they do a long one called a Road Runner lead or there is a brand called Ruffwear who do a Flat Out lead or a Roamer lead, both are long and comfortable to use.

ShoppingBasket Fri 06-Oct-17 23:57:54

Thanks for suggestions will have a look at them. He is part collie so enjoys going ahead and sniffing down fields and country lanes so felt the retractable was best for us. He doesn't have good enough recall off the lead yet. He is 4 and a rescue dog.

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