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New kitten owner

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BuntyBonus Tue 03-Oct-17 23:10:51

Hi, some advice for new kitten owner please! I wasn't planning on getting kittens but someone at work couldn't keep them and was either going to take them to a rescue centre or on a selling site. Anyway as an animal lover I didn't want this to happen and want them to have a lovely life with me. So, some questions (probably very basic but I'm new to this) They are 10 weeks old and as far as I know haven't had anything like worming, flea treatments yet. Do I take them to the vets and they do everything or do I do these treatments at home. They both need neutering but I understand this can't be done until they are a little older. Is that right? Also what is the best food to give them? Thank you

lemureyes Wed 04-Oct-17 21:56:18

You can worm and flea them with treatments you buy yourself (no need to take them to the vets for these routine treatments) you will need to buy treatments specifically for kittens as adults treatments will not be suitable. Do your research into the best treatment to get.

Neutering will need to be done when they are older, I'm not sure what age though (worth calling your vet to check when they should be neutered) all I know is that it's a good idea to get females spayed before their first season especially if they are roaming around outside.

In my experience there is no 'best' food, all my cats have been quite happy with the food I have given them whether it was the cheaper or more expensive food.

Also don't worry about getting loads of toys, a few good ones for them to chase are fine but otherwise you can never go wrong with a good cardboard box. If you're on a budget they don't need an expensive kitty palace.

A scratchpost is always a good investment to save your furniture and to attempt to get them into good habits. Get one that is an adult cat size and allows them to stretch to their full adult length, then they can climb it too.

Hope this helps 😊

timtam23 Sat 07-Oct-17 20:04:09

At 10 weeks they will probably be too small for any over-the-counter flea treatments (and may be harmed by some of them) so please take them to a vet to get advice on what to use. My kitten had to have prescription-only flea spray from the vet, as all of the other stuff was for heavier & older cats. Pop over to the Litter Tray board on here if you like, loads of cat people on there...

Findingdotty Sat 07-Oct-17 20:20:43

Yes I would definitely make this a trip to the vet for the inital flea treatment. It will depend on their weight and size. After this is can be purchased from the vet (I would never go buying off the shelf in a pet shop as this is known to be risky) without taking the kittens.

They will need injections as well so the first ones can often be done at the first visit but the receptionist should be able to advise you on this.

With food just don't keep changing it and avoid the gravy sachets, go for plain food in jelly. Also chose biscuits which are all the same colour (not whiskers boxes which have multi coloured biscuits) as they are full of additivies which often upset their stomach. Same with the gravy.

Handle them but carefully and allow them space and hiding places, like a cupboard box with cut out holes or a chair with a towel drapped over (but make sure everyone knows they are there so you don't sit on them!).

Don't allow them to chew your hands. It's more tempting to allow than it sounds as they are effectively teething and like to chew and it doesn't hurt. However they quickly learn this is ok and then you end up with a fully grown cat that thinks it's ok to chew and bite people. It is not fun with visitors later on!

Do do do buy a scratch post. It will save your furniture a little.

Enjoy your little fuffy bundles!

GoldenGumballs Mon 09-Oct-17 14:55:12

Hi Vet nurse here get them on a good kitten food to fulfil their growing needs, no milk just fresh water. Take to vets for initial check flea/wormers will also be offered 4 weeks free insurance grab it. Vaccines from9wks, neutering/spay around 5mths (can be fine earlier) . Keep indoors till all this done. Plenty of toys, rolled up newspaper, tunnels to play in. Expect to get your legs shredded then find them fast asleep somewhere ridiculous. Enjoy - kittens are ace.

GoldenGumballs Mon 09-Oct-17 14:56:18

Stay well away from Bob Martin products can be deadly.

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