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Neighbours cat adopted me???

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Theodore1 Fri 30-Jun-17 01:19:41

So my neighbour over the back has a cat called squeak. 4 years ago squeak started coming into our garden, we gave him pats and he'd have a snooze on the swing seat. That went on for a few months, he then started coming into the house through the open back door (it was summer so the door was left open during the day), everytime we caught him we took him outside. Anyway it got more frequent and we gave up putting him out. He started sleeping on the sofa for a few hours then would go home. Anyway fast forward 4 years TIL now and he's in all day, goes home at 6 for food and comes back before being put out at 11 for bedtime. Bearing in mind we've never fed him proper cat food! He may occasionally get a piece of meat but that's it. Now every single night he cries at the back door or goes round the front and sits on the porch roof and cries at my parents window. He will do all he can to get in, including jumping through half open windows that's are a very tight squeeze! I feel super bad him crying all night and sleeping in the bush in our garden overnight until we let him in the morning. What can we do? Do we let him in overnight or keep him out and let him cry until he sleeps in the bush? Do we ask his owners if we can have him as he obviously prefers it at ours?

Sorry for the long post!!

abbsisspartacus Wed 05-Jul-17 15:24:42

Talk to the owner they might be able to give squeak a late night feed to distract him/her

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