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Cat won't come near me or in the house!

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poshjenni2 Tue 13-Jun-17 00:08:32

Hi I've never done this before but I'm worried about our cat! He is 5 yrs old, Prince. We moved house about 6 weeks ago so kept him indoors for a good few weeks but he was scratching everything as he wanted to go out, so we let him out and kept an eye on him and he came back so that was ok. Then about 11 days ago we went on holiday for a week, my friend was at our house who my cat knows and is used to, to feed him and let him in and out, problem is he wouldn't come in so shel left his food outside so he wouldn't go hungry,, we came home from holiday and he didn't come near the house for 2 days but when he did and I called him in he just gave me a dirty look and ran off???? So we left the food outside along with his carrier/bed with his blanket and clothing of mine and tuna and treats. He will only come near at night and runs off if he sees us??? 😢😢 what can we do to get him to trust us again,, I know he must be stressed with moving then us going away just feel awful! Thanks in advance for any advice.

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