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Husbands nephew and my dog

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510lilly Thu 01-Jun-17 07:01:31

We had recently went on vacation with my husbands family and his nephew was more than a handful. They never had a set time for bed he was eating junk food and chocolate starting at 7am the worst part about it all he was treating the family dog like a punching bag. in my opinion not well behaved ... my husband stated the reason was they where on holiday and things are a little relaxed. I guess that also explains the moms drinking starting at noon till late evening and leaving the kid with whoever wanted him. AIBU to worry about my well behaved dog and having to be a child minder or dealing with an unruly child on their upcoming visit? Any advise?

Kidssendingmenuts Sat 03-Jun-17 10:44:41

They would be quick to react and blame your poor dog if he finally turned around and bit the little git wouldn't they!
They need to take responsibility of their child and make it clear it's not okay to punch your dog, if the parents didn't say anything unsure as hell would if someone child or adult attacked my dog.
If they don't step up and say something and they see it happen then you must to protect your dog, and if they say anything explain well your clearly not doing anything and what happens if the dog retaliates.
Your home is also your dogs home and they should feel safe.
You need to tell them or tell them not to bother coming.

510lilly Sun 04-Jun-17 21:16:38

You are so right and @Kidssendingmenuts thank you for confirming the behavior is it unacceptable... I wish I could uninvited them wink

fuzzyfozzy Sun 04-Jun-17 21:18:04

Be proactive and don't wait for anyone to step in
No junk/alcohol in the house 😂

510lilly Tue 06-Jun-17 03:33:33

@fuzzyfozzy thank you I will try my hardest to be proactive. Also I do not keep alcohol in my house.

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