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Abscess on cat

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Storm1234 Sat 27-May-17 09:57:36

If it's bursted how do u know if it's done draining
She is eating and drinking
Can she be healed up on her own
I've been keeping it open cuz that's what the internet said to do
I'm a student and although I love my cat (she is my baby) I don't want to bring her in for something I can treat at home
She doesn't seem to be in pain she lets me do the hot compress (I have been doing it with just warm water
I saw a post on here about useing salt water?
Any suggestions on the healing process should I be useing polysporn or proxside.
Thanks in advance

MsMims Sat 27-May-17 21:07:23

I would take her to the vet. If the infection takes hold it will cost you a lot more than a preventative visit now. From past experience we were given medication and a special rinse to wash the wound out with, even after bursting.

It may also be worthwhile looking into pet insurance if cost is an issue. Vet bills can easily run into the thousands for more serious problems.

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