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Cat food

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Dadshelp Thu 25-May-17 23:36:13

Hey. I'm a father to my little boy who's just over four and has eczema and without being able to be diagnosed with asthma has to take an inhaler on a regular basis. His mother and I are separated and I have him every week and every other weekend. As of late when picking him up I've noticed the cat food bowl sitting on the window sill of his bedroom with the left over food covering the window, sill, and wall as well as muddy paw prints by the bowl, which suggests it hasn't been cleaned in quite some time. the head end of his bed next to the bowl. I'm naturally a big worrier and worry this could affect his eczema and 'asthma' not to mention I feel it's quite unhygienic. The question I'm asking is am I overacting by bringing this up or should I just turn a blind eye to it and focus on the time I spend with him?
Thanks in advance.

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