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Any tips on stopping my cat pooping in neighbours garden?

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LMST Sun 23-Apr-17 08:02:12

Any tips welcome- has anyone tried those electric fences that go round perimeter and send buzz to their collar if they go through?

Have tried-
Keeping indoor litter tray spick and span for him
Put down those citrus cat repellent crystals in her garden
Used about type of cat repellent in her garden

She is a lovely elderly lady who is very proud of her garden. She is very polite about it but I feel bad.

The worst thing is he goes across next door's garden to go specifically into hers!

Any ideas?


lemureyes Fri 28-Apr-17 10:59:05

The lady can get a device which emits a high pitched noise to repel cats from her garden. Also try to make your garden a good poo place, such as having a patch of loose soil that it can go to.

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