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Does anything help grief after losing a special pet?

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DaffodilTime Wed 05-Apr-17 08:23:17

I just want to ask if there's anything we can do as I'm feeling so low after losing the best pet i've ever had in a sad way I should have prevented and it's causing us all such pain. He was only a budgie but was with me almost every second of the day and so affectionate (he followed us everywhere)

Our DD aged 10 is almost seeming depressed and can talk or think of nothing else and we have been on big days out to distract us all but I still feel in such a sad place.

Does anyone know of a children's book to help process it or any other helpful thing to get us through this? I know it gets better and I need perspective but our normal life feels so depleted and different with such a big and funny character gone and there are reminders of him everywhere

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