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We're getting a kitten!!! With pic

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Blossom4538 Fri 24-Mar-17 10:44:39

So excited and it is going to be a surprise for our Daughter. Reading lots online and my H grew up having pet cats, but just wondering if you can offer any tips on bringing home and the early days, or experiences pls?!

Lala198 Sat 25-Mar-17 09:42:08

You'd be best posting in the litter tray as there are loads of experienced cat people.

Congratulations on your new furball! Very cute ❤

Cats protection have a leaflet to help owners prepare for bringing their new cat or kitten home:

And rspca here Welcome

International cat care is a brilliant expert resource on cats - loads of advice on their website home.pdf

Give new kitten a quiet area that's 'theirs' so they can adjust to new surroundings. Make sure it's safe from hazards. Give them time to get to know you - it's tempting to want to fuss them when they arrive but patience and kindness will help them adjust to you and your family and not feel stressed or afraid.

Ask the breeder or rescue what they've been fed on and make any change to diet gradually as kittens have delicate little stomachs. You'll need to feed little and often when still tiny, so someone will need to be home to do this during the day.

Vaccinations are obviously vital and get the kitten spayed as early as possible, to keep him/her healthy and prevent an unwanted litter. Too many cats already being bred and they can breed from very young.

Kitten will need to stay in until old enough to go out (and vaccinations are fully completed).

Those websites have everything you need to know but the litter tray folk are lovely on MN and I'm sure they'll help if you get stuck smile

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