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Aha PRINCESS PEA HEAD you are bound to know someone with a Border Terrier

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Enid Thu 01-Mar-07 11:51:34

are they terrible dogs

or nice

(NOT for me for a mate)

dionnelorraine Thu 01-Mar-07 12:22:16

Hi I know a couple of ppl with border terriers. They are lovely! Very freindly and affectionate. Easily trained and have a fab personality. my freinds one dances for treats. so cute. Very easy and small. Good all round family dogs I have to say but just remember no dog can be trusted 100% so be careful where your friend gets the border terrier from.

littlemissbossy Thu 01-Mar-07 12:24:02

My friend has one, he's lovely. They make good family dogs IMO. Can be a bit 'yappy' but good training usually sorts out that sort of thing.

RustyBear Thu 01-Mar-07 12:29:43

I have a friend with one - she says they are very sweet & good with the family, but can be very excitable esp. with people they don't know - may run around barking.
Biggest advantage - they are very portable! - so if they get excited you can just pick them up & tuck them under your arm!

BLWisbest Thu 01-Mar-07 12:30:40

Enid, did you have a think about Beagles?

Gingerbear Thu 01-Mar-07 12:34:09

BIL has one. Great with older kids. Buggers for running off and sniffing out small wild creatures.
BIL's has a penchant for hedgehogs - came home one day with blood all over face and a snout full of spikes.

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