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Animal picture and story thread

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user1485471386 Sun 12-Feb-17 18:55:36

First off I am not an animal horder, that's just wrong. But I love animals. We currently have five. Two who we've rescued, the rest from petshop. Anyone fancy joining me in sharing your pets stories and pics!?
Cat: Megan age 9 - adopted just before Christmas weighing five pounds. Neglected, suffering cat stress disorder and holding in wees and poos. She's now put on four pounds and loves having lots of cuddles (wees and poos daily)
Rabbit: Topsy age 5 - Topsy was neglected by his owner and suffered terribly with mites. His fur was falling out. He also now suffers with a bad eye and has to have ongoing medication. He's lovely and is a house rabbit who has sole charge of the living room.
Bird: cas age 1 - brought from pet shop and has an hour a day to fly smile
Gerbils: chas and dave - around 4 months. They have a run and play outside the cage for an hour a day.
So there we are...please post pics and stories of your pets would love to see and hear xx

user1485471386 Sun 12-Feb-17 18:56:07

And the gerbils

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