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where have all the heinz 57 puppies gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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weezy292004 Wed 28-Feb-07 05:14:30

hi all never posted here before but was wondering if anyone can give some help.

my mum and dads (ok she was mine but i left home and she decided to stay..)14 yr old dog had to be put down which is all very sad and upsetting for all of us but i spoke to my mum and she said she wants a puppy as she's lost without a dog in the house.we have always had a dog since i was 3 and i'm now 32 anyway back to my original question she doesn't want a breed of dog and has always had mongrels(last one was from loot £30) but i've been looking on classified ads etc and can't find any all seem to be breeds,so if anyone could give some tips etc she's in somerset so any suggestions where i could look would be grately recieved.thanks

maggymay Wed 28-Feb-07 08:50:02

Have you tried the rspca they often have good old fashioned mongrels, a friend recently just picked up a puppy from them cute little thing it is

Whoooosh Wed 28-Feb-07 08:52:51

Blue Cross or Woodgreen Animal shelters usually have plenty of Heinz dogs/puppies needing good homes.

pishwasher Wed 28-Feb-07 09:02:54

we got our little mutt from the SSPCA

LittleB Wed 28-Feb-07 12:26:01

I'm in Somerset, she can try the rescue centres, they often have puppies. There's the RSPCA at West Hatch, RSPCA Bath Cats & Dogs Home, Heavensgate Animal Rescue Centre(National Animal Welfare Trust) at High ham (nr Langport), Happy Landings on the Fosse way, Fearne Animal Sanctuary near Chard, and the Blue Cross over the border in Devon. THere are generally a few in some of the local papers - like the Western Gazette, or if she has plenty of enery she could try local farm wholesale shop claasifieds; like Mole Valley, Countrywide etc as they often have collie/springer/lab crosses. try the rescue centres 1st though we've had collie crosses from Heavensgate and Bath, they;re really helpful and will make sure the dog is microchipped etc.

weezy292004 Wed 28-Feb-07 21:26:17

wow thanks for all the help guys have jotted down some notes for when they feel ready to look.

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