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Have any of you ever volunteered to walk dogs or keep cats company at the rescue home?

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charliecat Tue 27-Feb-07 10:54:33

I am a SAHM, whos virtually redundant now dds are at school, and I thought this might be a good idea for a few hours a week.
Have you ever done it, still do it?
I dont need anymore animals, so dont want to get attached to any little mutt, but is it inevitable?

expatinscotland Tue 27-Feb-07 10:55:36

No, it's not inevitable, and a great way to volunteer!

My ILs foster dogs and cats - MIL is retired and FIL works part-time.

Novacane Tue 27-Feb-07 11:05:29

If you live near an RSPCA you can go and walk the dogs for them, I did this for a short while when I finished uni, (to try and get fot more than anything else, im not really into dogs)

You do a training session (sounds mad I know) then you can go and walk them at pre arranged times. You can walk diff dogs or the same ones so you don't have to get attached.


charliecat Tue 27-Feb-07 11:07:15

I live near lastchance which is a recue place with a no destoy policy When we went to go and pick up 2 cats my mum adopted the crying of the dogs made us cry, and ive never forgotten...ive looked on the net. Nothign about it, will nip out and see..

DrumMum Tue 27-Feb-07 11:16:26

We hope to get a dog next month, so with that in mind we went to our local animal rescue over the christmas holidays and walked one of their dogs... we all enjoyed it. If you look here

it should give you the name of some rescure near you.. just click on your area..

sorry if the link doesn't work... I'm crap..

DrumMum Tue 27-Feb-07 11:17:01

w hoooooo
I'm not crap after all

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