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My cat is not eating

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Elk Tue 27-Feb-07 10:06:08

My cat is 9 years old (I think - she came with the house). She has always been small and thin, all winter she has been eating 3 small meals a day. However, she has now not eaten since Sunday lunchtime. This is my first cat and I have had her for 3 years.

What could be wrong with her and how long should I leave it before taking her to the VET?

charliecat Tue 27-Feb-07 10:09:10

Maybe teeth trouble? Thats why my cat stopped eating and he had a load of teeth out.
My mum recently had her cat at the vet she asked how long she should wait when her cats not eating and was told to bring it in within 24 hours coz cats cant go long periods without food.
Better to be safe than sorry.

dionnelorraine Tue 27-Feb-07 10:45:31

yep definatly take her to the vets. Is she drinking? 9 years old is middle age for a cat so hopefully its nothing too serious. Maybe just a bug or something bad she has eaten?? But just watch the drinking. that is important if she is not drinking at all or drinking too much then that can indicate various different things also try and watch her toilet habbits. has anything changed?

NurseyJo Tue 27-Feb-07 10:46:57

Message withdrawn

ohsmellyjelly Tue 27-Feb-07 10:48:21

Message withdrawn

Elk Tue 27-Feb-07 15:55:42

Thanks for all the messages.

Would you believe that I came back from picking dd1 from school and she meowed all around my legs like she used to demanding food and has eaten it all straight up. She is now back in her favourite hot spot looking very pleased with herself.

(I am now not going to admit how worried I was as I have just realised how much she has wormed her way into my affections over the last 3 years)

ohsmellyjelly Tue 27-Feb-07 19:50:33

Message withdrawn

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