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My cat jumped through the window earlier

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Radley Sat 24-Feb-07 08:20:05

My 16 week old kitten usually sleeps downstairs as he is a little swine for trying to get in bed with us and then in the middle of the night deciding to play with our toys, or anything he can reach for that matter

This morning he was nowhere to be seen and I was getting a bit worried. DD1 came in our room saying that the security light was constantly going on and off.

I brought him in wrapped him in a towel (he was wet through and shaking from the rain and cold)

Won't be sleeping with the windows open for a while now.

Aloveheart Sat 24-Feb-07 08:35:18

ahhhhh poor kitty.. My cats just had kittens they are 4 days old. hope he/she is ok.

Radley Sat 24-Feb-07 08:42:14

Awwww bless, I love kittens when they are first born.

He is fine thanks, he hasn't hurt himself as he is running round and wrestling with one of the other cats.

He is keeping away from the open windows LOL

Aloveheart Sat 24-Feb-07 08:53:22

I bet he is bless. Don't leave your windows open.

I can't have a cat flap because I have glass bottomed doors, so my cats go in and out my windows. lol.

not the kittens btw lol

Radley Sat 24-Feb-07 09:07:32

We haven't got windows open downstairs, the only windows open are in my bedroom and the door is shut so he is safe now.

He is curled up on the sofa snoring and purring at the same time bless him.

How many cats do you have?

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