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Fox and dogs

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RestlessTraveller Thu 05-Jan-17 13:58:40

Hi. We have an elderly, rotund Jack Russel and an extremely lively two year old Jack Russel cross Beagle and (luckily)a large back garden.

We also have patio doors that lead onto the back garden and every night for the past couple of weeks the younger dog has been going mad at the patio doors at the same time. I put it down to hedgehogs since we did see one a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday my OH was in the kitchen and started excitedly yelping that there was a fox in the back garden. (Never seen one before as he is originally a townie). I think said fox is actually living in a corner of our garden where there is some large and dense foliage.

Part of me wants to buy a trampoline and hope for a re-enactement of the John Lewis Christmas advert (sans child) but part of me is wondering if I have anything to worry about with regards to the safety of the dogs. Anyone know how likely a fight would be should they ever meet?

SoupDragon Thu 05-Jan-17 14:06:39

Having just had a mangy terrier cross attack my cocker spaniel, I don't think you need worry about your cross breed!

TBH, I don't think foxes bother with dogs much, especially ones that are a similar size. Having said that, I did have one chase my large cat once. We have loads in our garden and they like to torment my dog by staying just out of reach.

You get need to ensure they are protected against Ticks or check them regularly. My spaniel usually has an anti tick collar as he is often rummaging about in woods.

SoupDragon Thu 05-Jan-17 14:31:06

That wasn't a dig at terriers by the way!

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