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Dog attacked my puppy.

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MsGameandWatch Tue 03-Jan-17 11:48:58

Just got back from walk. I have a six month old Scottish Terrier. He is a perfectly amiable little chap and has been hugely socialised with dogs of all ages since his birth really as his breeder had many dogs around.

We were at the park yesterday and he ran up to say hello to a couple of dogs, both off lead. Without warning one of them immediately attacked him. He was squealing in real pain and when I finally managed to get the dog off him there was blood on his face, only a trace but still....he was terrified and carried on squealing even as I held him. I calmed him and the owner of the attacking dog came over to apologise - great, but then as I went to give MY own dog a treat as part of comforting him - and calming him down, told me "you really shouldn't do that you know, my dog was establishing dominance and showing yours some manners, you shouldn't reward your dog after that". The implication being that my dog was the problem!

I was polite and just walked away but was stopped a little further on by some dog walkers to ask if my boy was ok and to let me know that this woman and her dog are well known in the area for the dog being vicious and there has been many run ins so they generally avoid her.

I'm angry with myself for not telling her where to go now and just can't understand her reasoning behind the treat thing. Anyway it's done now but I am still feeling a bit puffed up and actually angry with myself for not telling her where to go. I understand that it's mortifying when it's your dog that's the problem so I tried to be sympathetic to that but her implying I was handling the situation wrong really pissed me off.

airforsharon Wed 22-Mar-17 12:25:22

I think her reasoning re you give your dog a treat is the same as her reasoning for her dog's behaviour - bonkers. It's disgraceful she should think it's ok for her dog to do that.

Given your conversation with the other dog walkers i would report her (101?) Another incident involving a much older/more vulnerable dog could result in a serious injury.

As he's still a young chap i'd keep him on the lead near other dogs, until you know his recall is A1, and view other dogs with caution. Hope he's fine today OP.

airforsharon Wed 22-Mar-17 12:26:35

Oops just noticed the date on this - hope there were no more uncidents OP

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