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My cat is in labour!!!!

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Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 10:31:55

She's just delivered two kittens. All black. I have tears in my eyes she's such a great mum already.


Whoooosh Tue 20-Feb-07 10:32:31

Aaaaaah-let us know how many in the end.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Tue 20-Feb-07 10:32:43

Aw bless! Are there more ariving???

Animals make it look so easy don't they.. and us seem like such drama queens. Does it even hurt them the way it does us I wonder?

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 10:33:03

Will do!! they sound so sweet.

kittylette Tue 20-Feb-07 10:33:48

awwww yeahhh puttybabies!!

northerner Tue 20-Feb-07 10:33:54

Awwww. Bless her.

Let us know how many she has.....

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 10:35:09

I think she has more on the way because she was rather big. I was at my best mate's house and dp phoned me to let me know i rushed home. They are all black at present.

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 10:37:07

Number 3 just came out, made it look effortless.

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 10:53:48

Still only 3 we are not sure if she's gonna have anymore. All alive. squeeking away.

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 11:11:40

number 4 has just arrived.

kittylette Tue 20-Feb-07 11:13:20

yey! well done mrs cat!

lets hope its not like 101 dalmations and loads keep popping out

Oati Tue 20-Feb-07 11:14:20

I love kittens

JillyBeansNW Tue 20-Feb-07 11:15:22

Hey - the first live birthing on MN - Where's Lulumama, this is something she has always wanted!

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Tue 20-Feb-07 11:20:46

How the new mum doing? Is she feeding them?

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 11:35:21

they are all feeding all alive i think that's it. Mums called princess and very tired. seem to be doing good. i know i felt like it was my child or

it's so exciting been txting all family. lol.

Mellowma Tue 20-Feb-07 11:36:37

Message withdrawn

MegaLegs Tue 20-Feb-07 11:41:28

How lovely. Our cat had 7 kittens a few years ago. Keep an eye on her as we thought she'd finished but she kept going all day. I had to help her with the last one, she was still cleaning off number 6 and number 7 was born but she ignored it, I picked it up, broke the sack, cut the little cord ( although apparently I should have torn it as a clean cut bleeds more) I then gave the kitten to Meeshka who cleaned her up. They were gorgeous and great fun, they all went to good homes.

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 11:43:28

I know just gonna keep my eye on her she's very tired and has no noticable to push at the moment. she's a very small cat so i'm hoping for just 4. I'll keep all updated.

Whoooosh Tue 20-Feb-07 11:46:23

Oh how lovely-are you going to keep any?

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 11:47:24

NO i have four cats already this was an accident becuase i should have got her spayed. I hope that i can sell them.

MegaLegs Tue 20-Feb-07 11:48:39

Is she in a really awkward place? I made our cat a really cosy nest box in a cupboard with warm pipes running through it. She had her kittens under the kids' toybox.

MegaLegs Tue 20-Feb-07 11:49:26

We sold ours. I charged enough to cover the vacs and they all went quickily.

Aloveheart Tue 20-Feb-07 11:51:21

she was gonna do it in the tv cabnet but dp moved her to her box by the radiator.

MegaLegs Tue 20-Feb-07 11:52:31

aDad Tue 20-Feb-07 12:02:36

awww how lovely.

You shoudl start a birth announcement thread. With pictures of course.

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