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I'm not about to spend £4 for some worms - so why can't I find any nice fat juicy ones

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MrsGoranVisnjic Fri 16-Feb-07 18:01:40

all we can find are small 1 inch scrawny specimens

certainly not good enough for DS new worm world

- I could send away for some

- I'm sorely tempted

- how sad would that be?

Oati Fri 16-Feb-07 18:03:00

so you're not planning on going to the bottom of the garden to eat them then?

Mo2 Fri 16-Feb-07 18:04:22

Get yourself (with your jam jar) over to some allotments where men are digging

(We have the same problem btw....)

MrsGoranVisnjic Fri 16-Feb-07 18:20:49

can we take a bucket and spade to the park or would that be frowned upon?

Scootergirl Fri 16-Feb-07 18:22:11

Wait til it rains then get out on pavements near grass verges.
DD has a thing about them "not dying or getting stamped on" so we spend all our time picking the bloody things up and putting them back on the grass when it's wet.

LucyLemon Thu 22-Feb-07 22:29:02

We've got a worm world so are well practiced in the art of finding fat, juicy worms.
This is going to sound a bit long-winded so please bear with me:
Do you have some concrete or paving slabs laid in your garden? If so, tie up a full black bin liner and leave it outside for a couple of nights....I think it has to rain or be damp....then voila! For some reason a good number of fat, juicy worms find their way underneath it!
Weird eh?

Don't have an answer if you don't have concrete or paving slabs in your garden!

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