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I love my cat but she's not a lap cat! Should I get another?

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movingforward2016 Sun 27-Nov-16 20:31:45

I have a beautiful little cat she's nearly two, she has a lovely nature and dd and I love her to bits, we always stroke her, kiss her and pick her up but she only lets us hold her standing up and if we sit down she runs away!

She never ever sits on our laps but if we are sleeping she will snuggle upto us for body heat I think! Like i say I love her tame nature she is never vicious!

We have been thinking about getting a new kitten as we really want a lap cat! Once we brought my brothers cat over to meet mine as he was going on holiday and I was hoping to look after the cat at my house but my little cat made a strange screaming noise and weed on the floor hmm she looked terrified!

So as we love her so much we don't want to upset her but we also think the company might be nice for her! And I'm thinking if it was a little kitten perhaps she might look after it and not be scared? What do you think?

Also I live in a flat and thinking would two cats be too much? My cat is an indoor cat as she injured her leg and now limps around all the time!

PoldarksBreeches Sun 27-Nov-16 20:33:03

What if the next cat isn't the kind of cat you want either?
I think that introducing a kitten in a small flat when you already have a cat isn't fair.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 29-Nov-16 17:05:34

Have you tried putting a cushion on your lap. One of mine will not sit on my lap. But will sit on the cushion on my lap. The other one likes to snuggle in bed but will only sit next to me and never on me. hmm

CatBallou2 Tue 03-Jan-17 16:21:41

Not all cats like laps. I've had many cats over the years and only 2 of mine have been lap cats. My niece had a cat from kitten age and he never sat on her lap until 10 years later and now he's on her lap all the time.

All of my cats have been rescue cats, so I'm delighted to have them for who they are and not what I want them to be. Cats are enigmas and will always keep you guessing. Your cat sounds like she wouldn't tolerate another cat in her home. Cats don't seek other cat company. They are generally happy on their own.

gingeroots Wed 11-Jan-17 09:39:45

Our cat has only become a lap cat in the last few years - so from 10 onwards .
Guess rather a long time to wait tho .
i second idea about a cushio ( or blanket ) on your lap .

80sWaistcoat Wed 11-Jan-17 09:41:57

I've only had one lap cat - 6 cats. The others liked to snuggle up close or have a paw on the leg - but v rarely actually on your lap. Sometimes they'll sit on a blanket on someone's lap.

So you might not get what you want. As for company for your cat - not all cats like company - you ought to have a litter tray for each cat and one over and they don't always like having food bowls next to each other.

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