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Fleas!!! Aaaarrrrghhh

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Ticktock12 Tue 25-Oct-16 12:35:08

Right so long story short about 4 weeks ago I looked after a friends cat for 3 days, she itched whilst here but I thought nothing of it. Cats gone back. Then almost 3 weeks ago I noticed bites on my 3 year olds ankles and ever since then it's got worse. It's only him that's getting bit. I've treated the house with flea bombs and sprays. Hoovered endlessly. Washed everything and yet he is still getting bit. Everyday I still see 3/4 fleas and I'm driving myself mad!
Anyone know any tips or products I could use that have worked for you? There's no pets here so what's going on? Aaaarrrrghhh

Ticktock12 Tue 25-Oct-16 14:29:48


froglou Tue 25-Oct-16 19:00:53

It takes a couple of weeks to get rid of fleas from the house. You need to hoover 10 minutes before and a while after you spray (time varies from brand to brand check the can) and should do this daily, you also need to hot wash all furnishings you can (pillows bedding ect) and spray things you can't (curtains ect). Also spray the inside of your hoover to kill any fleas you hoover up. If your sons getting bit most maybe it's mainly in his room, under wardrobes beds ect. It does take a couple of weeks to get rid of fleas.

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