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Dog bite-Influenced future?

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lotsofcreatures Sat 15-Oct-16 20:35:17

My dd (13) was bitten by a dog in about March, we were on a small break in the lakes and got a small nip on her lip, she had to go to a small hospital and got antibiotics, it healed in less than a week! She's gotten a bit more wary and nervous but then we decided to get another dog, she's fine with it, or so she says and this dog is 7. He's fine but she's a little apprehensive I think, but still really wants this dog. I'm giving her the choice though. This dog isn't a biter, but any dog can turn even the frendliest. He seems fine but does jump up at her which she is a bit worried about but we managed to stop him doing it. We haven't got him yet, but next month.
Any ideas on how to help her stop worrying a bit? She's not even worried for herself to get bitten again, only us!

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