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Feel so bad (new cat problems)

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als30 Sun 09-Oct-16 00:57:44

Just got 2 cats today from a rescue center took them till 10pm to come out of hideing and explore but twice one of cats hissed and growled at the other and wont stop meowing
Im now shattered and emotional as i love cats but feel my worst fears have came true that they dont get along or im not going to be able to sleep
I feel bad as we just got them today i knew i should of stuck with one or none at all now i dont know what to do

crazycatguy Sun 09-Oct-16 01:03:21

Cats are really sensitive creatures and as such feel mega insecure in new surroundings.

Let them explore and find their comfort zones. Feed them in an open space and stroke them when they do to get used to you. The human - cat relationship is 100% on their terms and will happen when they are ready to smile

crazycatguy Sun 09-Oct-16 01:04:15

As for meowing, cats only meow to communicate with humans. Cat to cat communication is largely non verbal smile

brightspark2 Sun 09-Oct-16 01:04:16

Good grief, give them a chance! Reassure yourself by doing some research on settling new kittens. They are fine brought up together, will be better off with a playmate and will take some calm, loving, knowledgable settling from you, their new owner. Panicking after 5 hours won't help anyone. You may fave s few sleep deprived nights but hey that's part of being an owner - and good practice for parenting.

als30 Sun 09-Oct-16 03:11:23

We have had cats before always the 1 but they weren't actually mine my mums as i grew up with them never remembered anything like this
I think the meowing is most likely them talking as the 2nd one joined in but i think the thing thats getting to me most is the hissing im sure is the younger one of the 2
Ill give it chance but no idea what i can do if it doesn't stop

PosiePootlePerkins Sun 09-Oct-16 03:32:28

They're scared bless them. They need lots and lots of time. You pretty much need to ignore them, just gentle talking but no eye contact.
Were they together at the rescue centre? Presumably the centre felt they could live happily together?
If you re post this in the litter tray forum there will be loads of good advice from those more knowledgable than me.

als30 Sun 09-Oct-16 04:05:36

Ive seen every hour on the clock lol between meowing and hissing
Ill phone the woman in the morning and ask if this normal they were in the same cage and are to be housed together and was from a cat protection rehomeing center

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