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Bringing fleas home

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Rosa89 Thu 15-Sep-16 11:15:11


Im looking for advice regarding fleas but I have not pets myself so please excuse any ignorance on my part.

My parents got a cat just under a year ago and he recently got fleas. They attempted to sort the situation using sprays and medicines however both myself and my daughter are still getting bitten. Is it possible we are carrying the fleas home?

If so how can I go about getting rid of them?

jwww Sat 17-Sep-16 20:10:32

Hoovering and spraying flea spray 10 minutes after, boil wash any soft furnishing but unless you have pets don't worry too much the bites will be from when you're at your parents. They need to do the same, but it will take a couple months for the fleas to die off and they need to treat the cat also with spot on (either frontline, advantage or advocate, nothing cheaper will work) and also worm the cats as when a cat gets fleas it gets worms by default

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