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Jembobthegreat Tue 30-Aug-16 18:45:21

Am new on the site waves i was wondering how I get a petition up and running about making vet practices answerable? At the moment they are not.
So I have posted on Facebook but not on twitter how do I get it out there???

MusicMania Tue 30-Aug-16 18:49:35

They are though, they're answerable to the Royal College. If you have concerns about clinical standards you can make a complaint and an investigation will take place.

Jembobthegreat Tue 30-Aug-16 19:19:26

I spoke to and admitted that they are not regulated in the same way as other services and they are not answerable. A vet can say or do what they want. A nice guy called Thomas from the rscv is advising me but like he said nothing much they can do. Everyone should be answerable just like the NHS etc animals are just as much as family.

MusicMania Tue 30-Aug-16 19:30:34

A vet can say or do what they want.

A vet cannot administrator treatment or perform surgery without an owner's consent so I'm not sure what you mean, would you care to expand?

They have a professional code of conduct and if they break that code or behave in an unprofessional manner they can indeed be struck off the register.

PurpleDaisies Tue 30-Aug-16 19:32:45

I've always been surprised at how cheap the fantastic vet care we get for our guinea pigs is. Have you had a bad experience?

Jembobthegreat Tue 30-Aug-16 22:03:36

My 16 year old cat had a lump on his neck we took him to the vet and he said they wouldn't remove it as it was to risky ( on his neck) I asked what happens if it got worse he said put him to sleep as it would make it worse if we operated. In April in got worse and started to bleed so I made the call and took him in. We saw a different vet and she said she could do it and think it would be successful so we paid. 2 months later it came back 10x worse he couldn't eat or drink and I rushed him back. She said he was to weak and to put him to sleep and said she would do it for free. I said I wanted to pay but didn't have it on me. She said she felt guilty so would do it for free. Which she did 3 weeks later we got a invoice when I rang the receptionist said the vet didn't have the authorisation to do it. I said that was unfair. I made a complaint and spoke to the rscv and they said there wasn't much they could do and it was known the vets right to go back on a decision.

He suffered alot more than he did when I first went and I should have listened with my head and not my heart. That's what some vets prey on.

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