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Fleas in a house with no pets

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allthemoomins Sat 30-Jul-16 10:34:11

My sister has two dogs and I'm certain this is where they've come from because they're all over at ours a lot but how do I get rid of them? Can anyone suggest a powder or spray? Hate them! sad

allthemoomins Sat 30-Jul-16 13:15:21

Shamelessly bumping because I really can't stand the thought of these little creeper fuckers in my house!

Tippytoes13 Thu 18-Aug-16 20:28:01

Have you recently moved, could be the previous occupants who had pets with fleas, we had that problem when we moved into rented accommodation. If it is your sisters dogs, she will need to treat them too, it's so important to treat them every month, as infestations happen very quickly. We have always flea'd our cats every month and have never had problems with fleas.

Tippytoes13 Thu 18-Aug-16 20:28:55

Also phone a local vet and they will offer you free advice with regards to flea control, they will probably stock one, or give you the name of one you can buy, or order online.

SecretNutellaFix Thu 18-Aug-16 20:31:32

Indorex works brilliantly.

gamerchick Thu 18-Aug-16 20:35:36

I would get a dude in tbh if you have a proper noticeable infestation to spray the house. Then ask the dude what he suggests to stop them coming back.

SickInBedOnTwoChairs Thu 18-Aug-16 20:36:32

Indorex. Get it from the vet. Vacuum really well. Spray according to instructions (don't use it if you have fish or birds in the house) and leave it down for as many days weeks as you can bear not vacuuming it all up again. Indorex has a fabulous knock down effect but flea eggs can live 17 years unhatched. Most of the flea life cycle happens off the host and this is why they are such hard little feckers to kill. One of the reasons it is thought that flea infestations are increasing is that the fleas are actually human fleas and the spot ons etc. put on animals obviously don't kill those. Indorex will get the buggers whatever the type!

Missgraeme Thu 18-Aug-16 20:37:32

Vets suggested bowls of warm water to a friend!!
Apparently they jump in and drown!!
Her house looked like she had leaks all over with a dozen bowls all over the floor!!

Newes Thu 18-Aug-16 20:42:23

Bowls of water with a tea light floating in attracts them

mandyemma13 Thu 01-Sep-16 22:41:20

I have 2 cats. You have a lot of hard work ahead but it is possible to get rid of them within a week or 2.

This will Guarantee you getting rid.

Day 1:
Remove all fabrics and clothing from your bedding to curtains to rugs and put them all in bin bags and wash on the highest cycle possible. If you have a dryer then use that as well. If not hang dry outside and then shake and fold EVERYTHING and put it back into clean bin bags.

Day 2:
Your Hoover is now your best friend! First place a cut up flea collar into your Hoover bag. Hoover EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. Damn it even Hoover the kids and the garden if you want. Hoover the mattresses. Hoover every cupboard. Hoover every crack and corner of your home.... You might see the little bleeders more here because hoovering brings them out and the eggs start hatching.. But that's what you want.

Day 3:
SPRAY. Staykill spray. Buy 2 cans of this stuff. Use one the first week and use the 2nd can the 2nd week. Spray your whole house and go out for the day. Get it everywhere in all cracks in every room. Including bathroom and kitchen. Wrap or move any food or utensils away. Go out for the day and when you get back open all windows and air out the house for a good 2 hours.

Day 4:
Re-Hoover Everything! And Carry on washing and drying. Keep things in black bags and high up if you can.

Day 5:
Bob Martin Powder. Use this upstairs and in bedrooms through the day. Stay out of bedrooms for a good 6 hours leave it in the floors. Then Hoover and air before bed then before you go to bed leave this powder over night downstairs and in the morning air the rooms downstairs and Hoover again!

Day 6, 7 and 8:
Leave everything these days. You will prob see the odd one that's hatched. If you do catch and kill them if you can. You need to let the eggs hatch again from the previous little bastards that you just killed.

Day 9:
Re-Hoover everywhere again. At this point you can get a little flat tray like a baking tray and put a candle in the centre or a night light or lamp above it and just fill maybe half an inch with water and washing up liquid. Leave it on the floor overnight. Make sure it's in the main room you see them. Check it in the morning see if any have done a suicide mission and dived in.

Day 10:
Salt.. put salt at your front and back door and in any vents or cracks you have in your home. You maybe getting them from outside. Also this prevents any that have got near the door or outside on your shoes.. re-entering. The salt sticks to their bodies and eventually it kills them and dries them out.

Day 11: Lemon Spray. You can either buy a Lemon spray like Dettol or citrus kitchen bleach etc. Or make one from boiling lemons and soaking over night. Spray and clean your whole kitchen. If it smells like lemons your doing it right. Fleas HATE citrus. Clean your bathroom too with this stuff.

Day 12:
Re-Hoover Everything again!!! Then Re-Spray with the Staykill spray.

Tell your sister to treat the dogs at the vets with tablets. If you do need to go to her home keep a spray of lemon water near your door and before entering take of shoes and spray everyone with the lemon spray.. the fleas will jump off you and not enter your house. X

This is the BEST way of Getting rid without spending a fortune on professionals. Even with a professional it takes 2 weeks as they have to come back a week later to Re-Spray.

After 2 weeks make sure to REMOVE your Hoover bag carefully bag and bin it and put a fresh one in.

To prevent future fleas try lavender or citrus air fresheners and plug ins. Although this is not guaranteed to work for bad infested houses.

To buy:
A Flea collar.
2 Bottles of Staykill (Pets at home or stores sell it)
Bob Martin Powder for floors.
Curtis scented bleach or spray or lemons.
Black bin bags.

A mask for your face while spraying. If not use a scarf or something...

Good luck x

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