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I got a pigeon killed tonight :(

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Letmehaveausername Tue 28-Jun-16 21:21:01

Not on purpose. I was trying to help the poor thing, it's wing was very clearly broken so I took him inside (in a towel) made him comfortable (I hope) in the car carrier with some blankets and called the SSPCA

Told not to move him and keep him somewhere quiet and calm, don't feed him or give water and they'd be out to get him ASAP.

The lovely lady came out and checked his wings over and said it was too damaged and they'd not be able to do anything for him, he'd be put to sleep sad

I know it's irrational, I've rescued animals before that have been too injured to carry on and that it's kinder to put them to sleep. I've just never rescued an animal that seems so healthy (he was a very fat boy!) and so alert when injured badly and I just feel like I've signed his death warrant.

Feeling quite daft and upset atm, and really wishing he could have been ok sad

Letmehaveausername Tue 28-Jun-16 21:26:27

There is now three pigeons converging on the grass beneath my sitting room window. They are plotting revenge aren't they? I'm going to be the target for bird droppings whenever I next leave my home confused grin

TroysMammy Fri 01-Jul-16 20:13:58

At least he will die with dignity and not left to be killed by a cat or a fox. He would have been even more terrified waiting for his fate. You did the kindest thing for him.

Catzpyjamas Fri 01-Jul-16 20:19:10

He had a peaceful end and isn't someone's dinner tonight. That's a good thing you did.
I've found that Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue are good with injured wild birds and animals if you are in West Central Scotland.

Catzpyjamas Fri 01-Jul-16 20:20:36

And the others are probably just hoping that you will feed them since you were already kind to their friend.

HanarCantWearSweaters Fri 01-Jul-16 20:20:51

I work in a wildlife hospital, we get so many birds in like this and sadly their outcome is the same as your fellow's. Wing breaks are very, very difficult to heal and involve strapping the bird up completely so the wing is immobile. It's very difficult to achieve in the best of circumstances and depending on the type of break it can also be impossible. Even if the wing VNs be treated it means months of being stuck in a cage on its own without being to move around and it's very stressful for the bird.

I know what you mean about it seeming otherwise healthy; those are always the cases they get me too. I'll tell you what I tell all our finders and myself - you didn't break his wing. Without you, it would still be broken, and as a prey animal he would spend the night on the ground incredibly stressed and unable to evade cats or foxes or what have you. It's a horrible way to go. You have him a peaceful, safe and comfortable end which is more than most critters can hope for.

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