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Missing my poor cat- so sad!

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helsuki Wed 15-Jun-16 20:33:31

Yesterday I made the very difficult decision to put my gorgeous Siamese cat to sleep and I'm so sad!

My poor Luna had been fighting cancer on and off for a year and eventually it spread to her lungs. We found out last week and were devastated. She deteriorated quickly and yesterday I just felt she was suffering and the vet agreed.

Luna was with me for 13 years. She was a house cat, was extremely affectionate and was my little shadow, always by my side at home. I completely adored her and we had a very special bond!

My husband and I recently had our first child (7 weeks now) and I was so worried about how my Luna would react but she was amazing! So gentle and sweet with our little one. My good natured girl loved cuddling up with us whilst I was feeding.

I'm really struggling without her- the house feels so empty and I'm missing her so much. She's left a big hole in my heart and in my home. Any suggestions on how I can begin to overcome this grief?

HairyHarrietHildegaurd Wed 22-Jun-16 14:19:39

I'm sorry nobody replied when you were in the midst of that initial grief & I hope you found a way to cope with those early days after Luna passed. Trust me, the pain gets easier to bear. I lost my dog today & that's all I keep telling myself as I know when I've lost other pets, loved as much as human members of our family, it did get better with time.

Remember all the good times you had with your cat & remind yourself you were there to look after her best interests & putting Luna to sleep was the kindest thing you could ever do. She was your little feline shadow & she'll never be forgotten by you.

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