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Cat vomiting up undigested good - help!

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do11y Sun 29-May-16 23:38:53

I have a problem with my lovely cat that I'd like some advice on.

Within the last 3 weeks or so, kitty has started vomiting his undigested food up. This has happened several times on some days and I am really quite worried about him. He has gotten even more fussy with what he eats now and I am finding it very difficult to get him to eat food that he previously enjoyed. I only buy food which contains 70% + meat, no supermarket junk for him, so this is really starting to hit my pocket too. I don't want to make it about the money, but it is infuriating having spent a lot on his food only to find whole tins are wasted because now he won't eat them.

I have more recently suggested we take feline to the vet. OH does not agree with this. He says the trip to the vet is extremely traumatic for cat and since he does not seem out of sorts in any other way, perhaps this is just hairballs or something. I agree that kitty seems fine in every other way but I am really concerned that literally moments after he's eaten in some cases, he brings it all up again! I am not seeing hair in the vomit, just undigested good and saliva.

Pussy is also eating a lot of grass and on occasion I have seen grass in the vomit but certainly not every time.

Has anyone come across this at all? Would appreciate some advice or things to try before whisking him off to vet.

YesYABU Sun 29-May-16 23:44:42

It doesn't sound like something you can just fix at home if you're cat has been doing this for 3 weeks- please go to the vet!

do11y Sun 29-May-16 23:49:14

Thank you Yes, I agree with you but OH is bitching that he doesn't want to because it is traumatic for cat. To be fair, it is traumatic as it is a fairly long journey on public transport. I am hoping that these symptoms are something someone else recognises and can perhaps offer some insights. I will be off work from Wednesday and plan to take kitty during the day when OH cannot moan about it and in the meantime any other advice would be gratefully received.

RedOnHerHedd Mon 30-May-16 00:10:12

Mine does this if he has a hairball stuck that he needs to cough up. It's like he vomits a few times over a couple of weeks and then there'll be a huge hairball vomit. He will be fine then for a few months. I brush him regularly too, it's just always been his thing.

SaraC8 Mon 20-Jun-16 09:46:44

One of mine does this, she goes through phases of throwing up her full brekkie, sometimes it's because she's a gannet and eats too fast hmm but usually she will have a hairbally/grassy sick and then she stops doing it.

Missgraeme Thu 18-Aug-16 20:21:15

I had a persion that did this when I first got him. Started giving him milk once a week and seemed to stop him doing it!!

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