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DD scared of dogs

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Themoonhatesthestars Thu 19-May-16 14:52:27

My DD is 2yo and scared of dogs. If she sees one on the street she'll talk about it and tell me they say woof etc but as we get closer then she'll start shaking (almost put on) and scream to be picked up. Sometimes I do but most times I'll crouch down to her level and speak to her about the "nice doggie" as she's trying to clamber up me. We recently saw a miniature dachshund puppy being walked by two little girls and she still freaked even though it was the size of a guinea pig!! The other day whilst at her GP's their dog and my SIL's were both put outside because she was making a fuss and they are very docile dogs that genuinely just sit around, don't bark, don't bounce; just wander about sedately or lie down. I felt bad but it was a nice day so they were fine enough in the back garden. The only dogs she doesn't seem to mind are greyhound/lurchers because she thinks they're horses; she neighs as they walk past!

So how do we go about getting her less scared of dogs or will she just grow out of it?

Crazy thing is we have a dog. He's a terrier so is barky, playful, runs around the garden chasing balls she throws for him and she's perfectly fine with him. It's almost like she doesn't see him as a dog so isn't scared of him in the slightest but if she sees another dog just lying serenely on the floor and it looks at her, meltdown!

It's annoying as we have quite a few friends/family with dogs and they feel they have to put their dog in a separate room and ours is still happily snuggled up with us.

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