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Our kitten is avoiding us.

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Mougly Mon 09-May-16 22:53:54

We have a 9 month old female Devon Rex. She is absolutely amazing in every possible way. Has been very affectionate and the type of cat that will follow you around and at night time she insists on sleeping on my pillow. We work from home a lot and she loved having us around. That has all changed in the last week.
She goes to the other room and climes into her bed and she spends most days there. She still eats well, drinks water and plays but just doesn't want to cuddle with us or sleep in our bed or be around us much.
It's been very hot in the last week and we thought maybe it's exhausting her. She's not spayed and tries to jump past my feet and run out when I come home. Maybe it's her hormones. We wanted to spay her but found our Devon Rex are allergies to some types of anaesthetics so need to do more research. Would really appreciate some advice.

ScrotesOnFire Tue 10-May-16 13:45:49

You need to spay her!
Cats are not like dogs, entire , unmated female cats cycle frequently, as in every week or two until mated!
Being in heat is stressful for them, especially when the heats are frequent.

Mating isn't fantastic either as the boy's penis is barbed and incredibly painful.
If you watch cats mating you will actually see and hear the female scream then attack the male...
Find a good vet and talk through your concerns, most anaesthetics now are very very safe.

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