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what should I do with my cat while away?

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everdene Sun 08-May-16 21:52:01

We moved house 10 weeks ago and got a scrumptious rescue cat six weeks ago.

We were invited ages ago on a short holiday and it's only just struck me that we need someone to look after EverCat!

What is the best option to look after them? Cat sitter? I would rather not put him in a cattery as the rescue centre said it can be upsetting to their routine. We have a friendly next door neighbour who seems to like the cat but I don't know if it's cheeky to ask her to feed him. Fwiw we will be away Saturday-Tuesday.

everdene Sun 08-May-16 21:56:57

I should add; we don't know anyone else in the area as we've only just moved.

Also, we have a cat flap but it's not a microchip one yet.

JapanNextYear Sun 08-May-16 21:58:42

I'd get someone in to feed him twice a day. Our cat hates the cattery and isn't particularly sociable but will bully anyone who comes into feed him into sting on the sofa and petting him. He gets lonely. We use PIL in the morning and neighbour in the pm.

Done this for up to three weeks and he's been fine if a bit grumpy when we got home. Pay it back with cat sitting and plant watering.

If he's new to the area you might want someone to come in more often or house sit instead.

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