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News cat and sooo confused by food/ feeding

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mumtokidsandcat Fri 22-Apr-16 11:13:21

Hello! First post from me. So we got a new cat nearly two weeks ago - 18 month old male, house cat from a rescue centre. At the centre he was fed a mix of wet and dry (quantities unknown) and it was Felix/ Whiskers etc. I'd heard not great things about these brands and wanted to move him onto a well regarded brand so have him on Applaws. However I'm confused. The applause pouches use illustrations to recommend feeding amounts and I believe for a cat his size, it's two pouches recommended.'s a complimentary food and not a complete food. When I emailed Applaws they said that he should have 30g dry and one pouch a day. He's a hungry cat and this is a miniscule quantity of food - he follows me every time I go to the kitchen and sits by his bowl meowing. What I don't understand is that if it's a complimentary should I really be dropping the complete dry to such a small quantity - I'd understand if it was a complete food. Also why does the pouch recommend 2 servings a day (which would suit Max so much better), if the advice from the lady at Applaws is one pouch. You're not meant to feed a complimantary food as the sole food are you? So....if there's anyone out there mix feeding with dry and complimentary I'd like to know what to do for the best. Ultimately I could move over to a complete food - I just have 40 odd pouches of Applaws to use up first.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 24-Apr-16 23:14:29

I'm in the same boat,so I'm interested too. My cat seems to like Felix though, is it not meant to be good? He also has Iams.

RobotMenu Wed 27-Apr-16 17:38:32

You're better off shopping somewhere like the happy kitty company. They stock good German car for with high meant content and no grains. I find it works out cheaper as I need to feed less.

mandyemma13 Thu 01-Sep-16 23:14:47

I have 2 cats.

I feed my cats half a pouch of (anything) because they get bored of 1 brand so I have to keep switching. Cats are like that.

Half a pouch each with a handful of dry food mixed in. 4 times a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Supper.

Although your cats will prefer chicken, ham, treats, cat milk.

One of mine even eats crisps.

So let it eat what it wants. As long as it doesn't get fat it will be happy.

But it could possibly have worms if it's hungry ALL the time.

I would say 2 to 3 pouches a day mixed with a small handful of dry food.. is fine.

Bb90 Wed 21-Sep-16 22:16:17

I feed my very large cat 1 pouch of gourmet food in the am and 1 in pm and a handful of whiskers dry food. I used to feed him James wellbeloved house cat food but He's fussy so I swapped,

jwww Sun 25-Sep-16 17:51:25

Wet food is mainly water and is more of a extra or a treat than an essential. My cats are on Felix wet, and purely dried food. Dried food is more essential than wet and I'm trying to wean mine off of wet food altogether. Felix and whiskas have sugars added to them to help them cook and only 4% meat in them which is why they're cheap; saying this its the protein levels you want to compare and Felix had more protein than whiskas (at the moment).
I'd class Applaws as a treat because it's not complete but it's the only pet food that's suitable for human consumption so it's a good food but more of a treat in my opinion!
I personally feed a good quality dry and a cheap wet, that way I know they're getting what they need from the dry and I'm not breaking the bank on wet food.

Your cat should still be "new" enough (not in a set routine) for you to be able to cut out the wet and just feed dry food.

Good quality brands are
Applaws dry, wellness, evolution, wainwrights, purely, James well beloved, Arden grange, Ava, science plan and Royal canin.

My cats are all older and I only realised this about there food when I did a animal nutrition course and my cats are too set in there ways for me to take them off wet all together.

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