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Black and white cat missing L13 Liverpool

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Oakster1 Sat 16-Apr-16 23:18:07

Hi, this is a long shot but worth a try. Our gorgeous cat Luna has been missing from the Old Swan area of Liverpool since Sunday 3rd April, although I guess she could have got quite far away from us by now :-(. We are heartbroken and have followed all the advice to try and get her back - leaflets, posters, searching at night, talking to neighbours, litter/unwashed clothes outside, facebook, websites etc. Just posting on here in case anyone might have seen her or taken her in.
She is a black and white short haired cat, with a white patch between her eyes and white markings on her chest and tummy.
She is very friendly and much loved.
Microchipped (to Phoenix Cats Trust) and wearing a collar (although this may have come off by now)
Out of character for her to not come when called.
If anyone in the area could check your sheds and garages, and let us know of any possible sightings it would be much appreciated.
Our contact number is 07708 491 484 , photos of possible sightings can also be texted or sent via whats app to this number
Thank you :-)

Oakster1 Wed 04-May-16 12:35:28

she is still missing :'( .Have had some possible sightings across lots of areas (mainly L13, but also L14, L15, L16, L25 and L4) which we have tried to follow up but so far they haven't come to anything. We're not sure if any of these are our Luna. If there's anyone out there in Liverpool who could keep a little eye out we would be eternally grateful. She's probably not coming home now but we would never forgive ourselves if we thought we hadn't done everything we could to get her back.

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