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Where's my dog??

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angielou123 Thu 14-Apr-16 11:54:38

Background- In 2011 I got an 11 week old male brindle staffy. At the time I had a 3 yr old and 2 older kids. Fast forward to last year. I had an 11 month old son by then and for some reason, Neo (dog) had started to growl at him. I got worried that he might bite, even though he'd been a great pet with the other children. My boys dad took him to his flat as we live separate, but didn't get on with him so he passed him to a friend. There was no way of me stopping this. He got passed on again and about 6 months ago my daughter saw him on a stray dog website. He was microchipped to my name, address but my phone number had changed. I was overjoyed to find him again, but my bf would not let me have him home. I found a local lad with his own flat to take him and I swore I would not lose track of him again. All was good for a couple of months then the boy stopped replying to my texts. Eventually the lad's mother answered and said the lad had been admitted to a secure unit for some depression problems he was having and they had taken the dog to Market Harborough which is far from me (Bedfordshire). Apparently a lady there had taken him but then passed him to either a pound or a rehoming centre. She was very matter of fact, saying the dogs gone, end of. I am heartbroken. i treated that dog like my child for 5 years and would never had given him up under any other circumstance. I've emailed the pounds in MH and contacted the microchip company, but no sign of him. I suppose it's a shot in the dark really but i'm adding some pics, if anyone is from MH or thinks they might have seen him, please reply. Thanks for reading.
No sure if the photo's are gong to show due to a size problem, so here's a link to a couple. thanks all.

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