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Stray cat is starting to let me love it.

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whattodowiththepoo Sun 10-Apr-16 20:47:21

This stray cat hates people but has been coming in for years, over the last few months it has been friendly and now I can scratch its head.
But it has a gammy leg and is covered in big black spots (infestations of some kind)
It is eating and sleeping in the warm but what more can I do? If I manage to trap it in a cage should I take it to my vet? Can I get it insured?
I love this little bastard but he's barely stopped hating me.

Jeremysfavouriteaunt Sun 10-Apr-16 20:49:42

I think that CPL lend out traps, could you call your local vet and ask if they would treat it before doing anything? How lovely that it's starting to like you.
One of my friends did this and managed to stay on good terms with their feral .

whattodowiththepoo Sun 10-Apr-16 21:28:39

Thank you Jeremy for your reply.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 24-Apr-16 23:20:00

We did the same and after months of baby steps he's taken up residence and is asleep on my feet in bedhmmgrin

I took him to the vet and got him microchipped. I used a cat carrier with food in it ,in fact I fed him in it for a few days before taking him to the vet.

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