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Neighbours barking digs

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BB9791 Sun 27-Mar-16 09:08:48

I was wondering what people's thoughts are on this.
I recently moved into a new house. It's an older house, quite small but I'd I've assumed thickish walks..I was wrong!
I've been here 2 weeks and had nothing but incessant barking from next doors 2 dogs.
One sounds like a small dog & yaps, the other possibly large & howls..between them both there is constant noise.
I want to point out I'm not bothered really if they do it throughout the day/at reasonable hours but I'm talking about this happening at times like 5am on a Sunday morning and 1am during the week obviously waking me up. As I lie here they've been going for the last 2 hours
I don't want to already upset new neighbours and get the impression they aren't there a lot but am not sure what step to take? I can now hear them moving around so they are clearly oblivious to the notes themselves which I find cruel on the animals?
My friends suggested getting a plug in device if the walls are that thin..does anyone know if they work?!
Thanks for any replies

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 02-Apr-16 18:31:15

Watching for ideas....

My NDN dog is a noisy (smallish) one too.
Today , over 2 hours (I can usually filter it out, but I'm a bit grim today so it hacked me off )

Often (like today) there's nobody in, but I really want to hammer on the door and ask them to get the dog to STFU entertain him (like take him out would be good hmm

You'd think two dogs would be company but of course they bark double.

Unfortunately, 99% of dogs do bark at times, some more than others <<glares>>

I think when dog owners live with the noise, they kind of blott it out?
It is annoying though. Can you mention it to them, the 5am and 1am wake up?

Like "Oh was there something going on outside - fox/burglar/random person in garden- because your dogs were barking"
If they say "Oh yes something set them off" then fair do.
If they do the Tinkly Little Laugh and say "Oh no, they always go off on one" then you can scowl and say "So it seems. Can you sort it"

They might sleep through it?

(In which case wait till theyre home late one night, hungover, and keep waking the dogs up, walk past the house, knock on the walls)
I'm plotting.

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