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the cats a menace!!!

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Harrison2016 Tue 22-Mar-16 20:13:53

Help, I need some advice, I've a 2 year old house cat and he is so loving most of the time, but he's getting nastier lately!! So much so he is attacking me daily and not attacking anyone else!
I've tried distraction techniques, praising him with good behaviour and locking him out of the room when he's attacked!
Brought new toys to try and see if it's boredom.... Tried calming drops and feliway but nothing seems to be working! He's neutered so it's not as though he needs doing!!!
I'm at my wits end and to make matters worse it's scaring me how he may react to a new baby as I am due in 4 weeks time!
Does anyone have any advice? My next step is taking him to the vets to see if she has advice - MIL is telling me I need to get rid of the cat and I know it's a risk having a volatile cat about and a baby but hubby is adamant we give him a chance with the baby around!!! sad

eatsleephockeyrepeat Wed 23-Mar-16 10:41:43

My first thought was that your cat may be in pain, particularly as you said the aggression's worsened recently. I would certainly be at the vet getting a once over. You can't always tell when a cat's suffering except for behavioural changes such as this one.

Is there some reason your cat can't go outside? I have two housecats who I don't let outside purely because they're far too stupid - and anyway they're both elderly rescues so have no interest - but when I've had younger rescues I've let them out. They seemed much less content to be indoors at that age, and yes I have lost one on the suburban 30mph road outside my house - it happens - but if it's taking the risk or have miserable cat and a miserable you I'd probably try to let him out if at all possible. Of course it might not be possible in which case no problem.

But it sounds like you think it has something to do with your pregnancy/impending baby if he's only attacking you... I have an 8 month old and call me crazy but I actually would wait and see how he is when baby arrives, so long as things aren't too terrible and don't worsen. BUT I would not leave the cat alone with baby! Chances are he won't want to come anywhere near the screamy, grabby thing but you never know. I was unduly worried our cats would sit on ds when I left the room so always shut them out of where he was (including our room at night where he slept). This was probably overkill but I'd do it again. In retrospect I should probably have started making the cats sleep in a different room before baby arrived, so might be something you think about.

In the meantime, apart from a vet visit, I would say could you go on an all out charm-offensive towards the cat? And I mean only you; dh would have to agree to be disinterested in the cat at best so the cat only gets nice things like all food, Dreamies and any affection it seeks from you. You've got a couple of weeks and it might show a light at the end of the tunnel if the cat at least stops going for you, even if he doesn't turn into your best mate. Oh and for now ignore the recommended daily allowance of Dreamies. Give Dreamies ALL THE TIME until this cat is your friend again.

Hope this helps and good luck with baby smile

Kanga59 Sat 26-Mar-16 23:11:32

Maybe he's pissed off at you for keeping him in. Let him out and see if he's happier.

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