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Poorly 14 week kitten (fever)

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MrsBibaBee Wed 09-Mar-16 20:55:10

Hi all,

I am back - we finally got our babies on Saturday just gone. I have never felt more love for anything in my life before!
Sunday day was great playing with them and watching them settle in.
However the boy (Bear) didn't seem ok and I noticed on Monday am he had an upset stomach. So off to the vet we went - as they needed to be registered anyway.
Worryingly we have already been back for our second visit. To summarise, see below:

Monday appointment
- Vet noticed his stomach seemed swollen
- He had a temp of 41 which is crazy high
- He was under weight (120)
(we had noticed he was sleeping a lot, not very playful)

- vet gave us antibiotics, also kept Bear in to feed him fluids
- he scanned his stomach and there were no signs of fluid build up
- since we have given him a special food for stomach health
- been giving him antibiotics twice daily
- watching him like a hawk

We thought he seemed a little brighter, he is still eating (albeit not as much as his sister), drinking a little (no less than his healthy sister) and his poos looked a lot better too.

Today's appointment
- vet said he still 'looked' poorly in his expression (he doesn;t look bright eyed at all)
- his temp is STILL 41 (I burst into tears)
- he still looks a little swollen
- positives were that he has put on 50g in two days, and his poo was looking better

I wanted to ask if anyone has had to go through anything similar? My husband and I are literally in pieces. We don't want to lose him. The vet is concerned he is showing sighs of FIP which, obviously, is making me sick to the stomach. How long can a baby kitten fight off a fever like this? We aren't wanting to disturb him too much, his sister is really looking after him too, but we are worried he is too hot in a normal home (we occasionally have heating on for example as it's so cold at the moment). He is STILL eating, albeit as I mentioned not as much as her, he is weeing/pooing, grooming himself and occasionally exploring (we are noticing a pattern that he seems brighter in the morning and midday).

We are desperate to do everything we can to help him fight whatever this is.

Next appointment will be a in a week as they are testing his poo for strains of the coronavirus...

A very worried and distraught new Mummy x

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