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Missing staffy

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angielou123 Tue 01-Mar-16 11:23:19

Its a long story so ill keep to the points. I got a puppy staffy male at 11 weeks. For 5 years he was my beloved pet. One day, out of nowhere, he bit my 11 month old son on the lip. Being to scared to keep him while being heartbroken that he had to go, I found him a new home. For the next year, he got passed from pillar to post at least 3 more homes. Then my daughter found him on a council pound website, the dog warden had picked him up. And before you ask, yes he was microchipped with all my current details which is how they knew his name (Neo) but the website had chip out of date? Not sure how that works but anyway. I drove out there and picked him up. Very emotional and he was so pleased to see me. My heart was breaking that I couldnt just take him home but my family would have not been impressed. I again, found what I thought was a permanant home for him with a lad who had his own flat. That lasted about 4 months then the lad got sectioned for whatever reason. As i didnt know his family I didnt find out for a few weeks. I kept texting him to see how Neo was and after a while he just stopped replying. Eventually his mum answered and said the dog has gone. They took him to Market Harborough to a lady who then took him to a centre/pound, they were very vauge. I am totally gutted. I cannot get him out of my mind. I did contact the microchip company, not that that worked last time, and asked them to inform me if the dog ever comes to their attention. Should I just try to forget about him? Am I being silly?

WhatTimeIsItCuckoo Thu 03-Mar-16 17:15:18

Aww you're not being silly at all, what a sad story flowers. Could you contact the pounds in the Market Harborough area and see if you can locate him that way? Then, if successful, how about taking him to a rescue centre where you will be able to provide them with his back story so that they can hopefully find him a suitable forever home, probably without children? I say this as we've been looking to adopt a rescue dog for months now and as we have 3 children, the youngest being not quite 5, this is proving difficult as, although many aren't suited to young children anyway, there are also many that have no known history that are strays/from pounds etc so that makes them more difficult to rehome to anyone really as no one can be sure what they're taking on. From what I've seen of our local rescues though, the staff there are so caring and dedicated, they genuinely love the dogs and will keep them until they find a suitable home, then request that the dog be brought back to them if it doesn't work out as they see them as being their responsibility to the end. I know it's still not ideal but it would be a better solution than a pound and I bet you they'd find him a home even if it took a while. All the best to you, I really hope you find a solution flowers.

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