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Guinea pig very happy, what happens if we get a dog?

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LookBackInAnger Sun 21-Feb-16 00:20:03

Backstory (if you need it on the pet forum?).. I grew up with a dog and cat. Loved both, but they lived pretty separate lives - one upstairs (cat came in through the window) and other on the ground floor. We now live in a single level house, although downstairs to a big garden. I'm "at home", work and study stuff happens, but I'm home/or popping in and out, every day.

We finally caved to DSs a couple of months and bought a "warm pet", a Guinea pig, which everyone is very good at looking after if I remind DH he does clean it out completely every week eldest DS does fresh hay and veggies, and I poop scoop and fresh water a lot during the day. Guinea is 5 months old. We were a re-homing family because he hated being with another Guinea and was described as a Lone Wolf grin. It's true, he loves us, and is becoming very tame very quickly, but seems happy doing his own thing too.

Meanwhile, I went to the local pet shop today to ask a question about Guinea food and there was a sign up for rehoming a small cross poodle (I think a shiz-oodle? I'm very bad at these cross names!). Stupidly I didn't take a photo of the advert. Anyway, it's going through the manager who is in again later in the week, they think because it has been a breeder, and because it belongs to an elderly owner, who won't want to deal with lots (hopefully!) of phone calls.

DH thinks I'm crazy (obviously) for considering it so hot on the heels of the pig, but suddenly, now we've go the pig, I'm realising I'm not sure what my issue was, and poo etc is not phasing me as I thought it would, I love having the cavy around and remember now how much I loved having a dog.

DSs have been wanting a dog forever, and I knew I had to be careful about expecting them to look after it. I thought I'd resent being main carer but actually am really enjoying it and talk to the pig all day (I may becoming a bit mad).

I know, stupidly long post , but I'm very keen to do the right thing. I feel a 4yr old breeder needs an at home person probably, and I hope I'm not becoming a crazy animal lady, but know we are all so happy with having a pet around...

SO, I want to "rescue" this dog. But would the Guinea be traumatised? Would I have to keep them in different parts of the house? Be gentle, but your thoughts would be welcome.

PS I had a Jack Russell, used to walk miles, be very demanding want to kill big dogs and the pet shop think a cross would be a doddle by comparison?

PPS Just realised I signed in with a name I haven't used on here for more than 5 did that happen? Security issue?!

littlehayleyc Mon 22-Feb-16 13:57:11

Aww you sound like you would make a lovely dog owner. I would find out a bit more about the dog and whether it is used to other animals. Could be that the dog would totally ignore the guinea pig. I would still leave the dog in a separate room when you are out though. I have guinea pigs and a cat. The cat can't get to the piggies but sometimes sits on the cage, which can scare them a bit so I keep the door to the room they're in closed if I'm not watching.

MeadowHay Mon 22-Feb-16 20:30:30

Guinea pigs and dogs (and cats and all manner of other animals for that matter) can live together quite happily, but it really depends on the individual animals. With dogs it particularly depends on what their prey drives are like, you would have to speak to the current owner of the dog, perhaps maybe you could arrange to bring it round first to "test it out" so to speak? The guinea pig will also need to be in a completely secure cage, preferably out of any reach of the dog. Accidents do happen unfortunately...many people get a dog that usually ignores the pig and then one day attacks it out of the blue and other such horror stories, they do exist, so taking every possible precaution is always better. It's also probably a good idea never to leave them alone in a room together without someone else being present.

Is your piggy a male? I know you say that he is very happy, which is great, but it's often the case that two male piggies fall out, all that means is that the match wasn't suitable. Guinea pigs are herd animals and should always be in at least a two. I have seen lots of pigs advertised even at RSPCA rescue centres as saying they don't like other guinea pigs but other more experienced owners/smaller rescues have always managed to bond them successfully with another guinea pig, it is just trial and error finding the right match for two boys together. The easiest and most stable bond are male-female bonds, you would have to get your boy neutered though. Please consider finding your boy a friend, even if he is happy there must surely be some parts of the day when he is alone, such as in the night? Guinea pigs do not sleep all night and it must be lonely for him all those hours of the night without anyone for company when as I say, they are herd animals and so "wired" never to be alone. I can recommend a good guinea pig rescue near you and you can check out for further info and resources.

almostthirty Mon 22-Feb-16 20:33:26

My piggies are definitely the boss in our house and u have a huge lab. The GP are free range get I our garden and gave 24hr access. The dog goes outside with them and plays. If he ignores the GPS they chase him and nip his toes until he plays.

LookBackInAnger Tue 23-Feb-16 02:27:33

Ooh, lovely, posts, thank you!! You may not laugh at me, but I think I was def losing it this morning - I was standing in the greengrocers, looking on like to see if gps like rocket or kohlrabi grin Small lesson learned. Just because the web says they like rocket, doesn't mean they do. I think it was too peppery, very indignant squeak and hurtled away from the leaf!

Mm, I know exactly your concern Meadow, but the pet shop said apparently he hadn't liked any of his siblings, and the owners chose what seemed to be the best (most placid) match. I'll have another think though. I'm not in the UK, but there will be some equivalent groups here I'm sure. Really not keen on the idea of neutering a small pet! Be reassured though, I'll be thorough in my investigations.

Thanks for the responses, have just had the kids home sick for a couple of days and am knackered. 6am this morning I thought better of getting a dog, but a cup of coffee and I'm back in the positive smile.

Have left my number with the shop owner, and she is going to talk to the dog owner. SOunds as if the dogs should really be got out of there asap. Even if I'm an interim person, it worries me that they're breeder, the owner is very elderly and off to hospital "again" soon, and the daughter has said enough is enough. I think if I make the long trip to go and check them out, I might come back with both, and take it from there.

Funny, without wishing to sound heartless , I've always been very practical about animals, apart from mine of course, and thought, well, there are plenty of people who need help, but this has really got to me.

LookBackInAnger Tue 23-Feb-16 02:35:08

"Their breeder" - does it matter?!

MeadowHay Tue 23-Feb-16 14:30:05

theguineapigforum might be able to recommend a suitable rescue nearby even if you're not in the UK, there are members on there from all around the world.

Good luck with the dog(s)! shock Exciting!

lborgia Wed 24-Feb-16 11:10:30

Thanks Meadow!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 24-Feb-16 19:31:08

I'm going to bat for the other team here.
I've kept guinea pigs for years as a child and my DD and I have shared piggie ownership for the past 4+years.

We've had a boar neutered to put with females then rescued a ready neutered boy when our females were boarless.
Our boars love their females but obviously need far more space.

In answer to your original query?
Hell would freeze over before I had a dog in the house with my guineas , especially breed which is 'keen'

The pig was there first.
Is it fair on a prey animal ?

But , in the end, it's your choice .

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