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HELP!!! My rabbit started rejecting her 3 day old kits. She has been caring for them til now.

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maran4tha Fri 22-Jan-16 09:18:07

I think she is pregnant an about to give birth to another litter. it was my bad for not monitoring it carefully. what do i do? she refuses to nurse the newborn kits sad

Pipistrella Fri 22-Jan-16 09:37:27

Three days old and already about to give birth again? Are you sure?

sweetkitty Fri 22-Jan-16 09:43:38

I don't think she can be due to give birth again so soon, when was the last time she was with a buck?

I've known two rabbits to live together, doe gives birth, Buck kills babies and mates with her again immediately but takes another 28-30 days for these babies to be born.

There's not a lot you can do really unless you want to hand rear them, I would be giving her as much peace and quiet as possible do not disturb her.

Pipistrella Fri 22-Jan-16 12:39:32

If she won't nurse them, regardless of the reason, then you need to get in touch with someone who knows about rabbits.

Ring a vet and ask them to recommend someone - they will have a rabbit rescue on their books, or know someone, or they may even agree to hand rear them for you if you're willing to pay for it.

I'm sorry I don't know a great deal about this and they are very tiny to be hand reared, and may die. But it is worth a shot.

There is the rabbit welfare foundation and various other very good websites which you might be able to get some numbers from.

Have a google and see if you can find someone near to you who can advise or help.

maran4tha Sat 23-Jan-16 02:31:37

I read somewhere that does can get impregnated again within the gestation period of the first litter. im not so sure about it though. I remember putting the pair together before Christmas break then again 1st week of january. doe gave birth jan 20th. the doe is not eating much and i can feel bones sticking out her back when I stroke it. Im giving her greens, oats, pellets, lots of hay, fresh water and vitamins. But the belly is soo round. And when she lays it's almost always at her side.

maran4tha Sat 23-Jan-16 02:32:17

I will. thank you!

maran4tha Sat 23-Jan-16 02:35:07

Maybe she still has kits inside? shock I'll try to find a vet. Im in the Philippines and I already asked like 5 pet shops and they don't handle rabbits sad cant even find one vet who neuters rabbits

MsMims Sat 23-Jan-16 02:44:07

Why on earth did you put two unneutered rabbits together? confused

You will need to research hand rearing and begin immediately. They will die very quickly once rejected and without care from you.

Pipistrella Sat 23-Jan-16 08:10:28

1. yes, find a vet - but don't interfere with the kits, don't separate them from her until you have some advice

2. Find a website with proper advice - just google hand rearing rabbits, it's not that hard and they will die unless you know what you're doing

3. She could be unwell and definitely doesn't sound healthy

4. WHY were you putting them together? Were you trying to breed them, without any knowledge of what to do in this situation?

5. A pet shop will not help you. You need a vet, or someone who is used to rabbits - where did you even get them from?

6. Please do not touch the kits. If you have already, that's probably something to do with it.

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