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Please help with Cockapoo puppy dilemma!

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EveryLittleThing Thu 07-Jan-16 12:35:25

Sorry - not idea where to post this - tried doghouse but no response - so trying here as well - sorry for the repeat post:

Hi there - we are in a dilemma - we have found a brilliant breeder who has ticked all our boxes. She breeds cockapoos from 2 cocker spaniel bitches and a stud miniature poodle. One bitch is a working cocker spaniel and the other is a show cocker. Working cocker was due to give birth around now but her list was full so we are on the list for the show cocker which will be mated next month when she comes into season. However we have just had a call from the breeder to say that the working cocker has just delivered and had an extra puppy (girl) that was not seen on the scan - would we like it?

Very excited about the prospect of having a puppy sooner than anticipated but here is the dilemma:

a) being on the bottom of the list we would get zero choice of which puppy we get. I'm worried about ending up with a puppy that might not be the right temperament \ fit for us - I had psyched myself up and read all about how to choose a puppy etc and now that process will not take place. Breeder knows how keen we are to end up with the best possible temperament for our family and says that she does do her best to steer\match each family with the right puppy - after all she will have known them for 5-6 weeks and will have a fair idea of their personality by then. So we could end up with the right one for us.

b) if we wait for the next litter we will be top of the list and get first choice but it's a risk isn't it? What if she doesn't fall pregnant or doesn't have many pups or has all boys (we're keener on a girl but it's not a dealbreaker).

c) Plus DH is keener on having the working cocker puppies than the show cocker. I'm quite getting tangled about the difference - are show cocker cockapoos calmer? Are Working ones easier to train? confused

SO - Do we say - bird in the hand - whatever we end up with will be fine, there's not much in it and it will save all the angst of waiting and possible disappointments? Or do I be patient and wait and have a choice?

So sorry - I've waffled on - cannot believe I am getting so flustered over this! blush

Tate15 Fri 08-Jan-16 01:56:57

Why can't you suggest that before committing you would like to meet the puppy and then decide if she is for you?

Don't forget, this is a mongrel and the fancy name of Cockapoo is just so breeders can charge extortionate prices for using a fancy name!

The most important thing is for you as an inexperienced dog owner is that after the puppy stage will you be able to give it the exercise that a demanding breed like the cocker spaniel in it will need?

I meet a lot of these dogs and they are either great and have been fully socialised and will rough house with my dogs and the owner will mention how the dog gets plenty of exercise for its boundless energy or the dog is on a lead and is yapping like crazy and clearly doesn't get enough exercise as the owner reveals they only take it out for short walks and the dog isn't socialised as they mistook excitement for aggression when their dog tried to play with other dogs.

I am just warning you that you need to really commit to any breed of dog but any dog with cocker in it is a high energy dog and exercise, socialisation and diet are key.

Adarajames Fri 08-Jan-16 03:01:37

Unless you plan to work / train the dog daily, Id say don't go for the working cocker cross, they require so much exercise and brain work to keep them occupied and happy!

bulldogmum Sat 09-Jan-16 20:51:10

Have you read up on both types of cocker spaniel? Working cockers need their brain occupying as well as the exercise as very intelligent. If the show spaniel mum is red in colour have you asked about red cocker rage?

If I was you I'd ask to go along and meet both mums and see which one has a temperament that suits your family best. Also ask to spend time with the dad. Ideally try to do that before you meet the potential pup from the working cocker. It's so hard to say no to a puppy once you see them!

Also read up on all 3 breeds as any pup could have poodle temperament too. A bit of background reading and you'll be able to tell which will suit you best. Meet all the parent dogs and if you're still unsure if wait.

All are lovely breeds and if you put the time in to their training and socialisation will be lovely!

If the breeder is good then they will know their pups and what sort of home suits each best and even though you think you're bottom of the list for the first litter, they won't give a pup to a home if it's not right.

Good luck, a new puppy is so exciting!!

eandh Sat 09-Jan-16 21:13:11

We have a working cocker spaniel puppy (he'll be 4 months next week) although he is working strain both his parents and grandparents were family pets so although he does require walks and lots of mental training so far it hasn't been as intense as I expected. Presently he has 20-25 minute walk twice a day (off which we do a minimum of 10 minutes off lead practicing recall) and then he'll spend 15-20 mins playing fetch, doing training such as sit and wait, paw, lay, or we hide his stuffed Kong so he had to use his brain and senses to locate it (puppy class trainer advised that game and he loves it!)

My advice is be prepared for the work, I thought I had read everything (and confused myself lots of times), spoke to local vets nurses lots of times about things to look for when contacting breeders, visiting homes. Our boy is actually from a work colleague of my husbands and was their bitches first (and they now say will be their only litter ) she had 7 puppies and they were exhausted looking after mum and babies)

we have a red /golden cocker (was worried about rage but vets gave us lots of advice and the statistics are low) he was such hard work at beginning but we cracked toilet training by 11 weeks (we got him at 9 weeks) and once he could go out to walk he transformed from hyper, cling on puppy to chilled puppy. These days when not walking, training or occasionally digging a hole in my garden he is asleep in front of the fire or listening to dd2 (she's just turned 9 and does so much training and walking with him and in return she bores him abut all the drama at school 😀) they are inseparable already and dh is obsessed with him! Long term once he is fully grown he will go cross country running with dh and dd2 off lead and that will be his main exercise but they are also going to take him to agility classes to mentally stimulate him (puppy training classes have commenced and he is so keen to please he is a dream to train)

Things haven't been plain sailing, he did like to give people a good nipping (still does but with help and advice we have ways to stop him), never knew abut zoomies and they make 7-7.30pm an interesting time to be in our house (by 7.30 he has crashed and apart from kicking him out for a wee at 10pm he'll sleep 7.30-7.30!) he had giardia so we have had trips to vets, puppy socialisation classes were great but an eye opener and the guilt I felt the 2 mornings he is left home alone 8-12pm was on par with guilt at leaving one of the dd's! (Dh works shifts so he is only left 2 mornings a week, he is great never has accident as I walk him before work and when neighbour spies on him for me it appears he sleeps the entire morning)

Good luck in your decision and look forward to seeing photos!

eandh Sat 09-Jan-16 21:16:21

Dd2 and her best mate

EveryLittleThing Sat 09-Jan-16 23:02:11

Hi everyone - thanks for the messages - Tate the breeder has said that I can see the working cockapoo litter when it is 5 weeks and if I want the puppy that is available I can have it but if not then no problem, I will still be at the top of the other list.
Adara I've already identified a puppy class \ dog trainer and committing time to socialising will not be a problem as I am at home all day. I've met both
bulldog I've met both mums and the dad - they're all lovely! I did love the show cocker mum best though - she was just soon gentle and came and fell asleep on my lap! Working cocker also great temperament and dad was not the nutty professor I was expecting grin
eandh - yes I totally agree - I've read loads too and I have a feeling that no matter how much I research this I will not be able to control the outcome, only manage it by having realistic expectations and by putting in the hard work. I Just want to minimise the chances of making a mistake and maximise my chances of success.

EveryLittleThing Sat 09-Jan-16 23:02:34

eandh - awww - so gorgeous!!

Wolfiefan Sat 09-Jan-16 23:03:51

If only every potential dog owner gave it the thought and preparation you clearly have.
Good luck (and share pictures!)

Adarajames Sat 09-Jan-16 23:14:22

Why Wolfe said

And photos, no photos will result in us coming and snaffling said puppy!

Adarajames Sat 09-Jan-16 23:14:59

What wolfie said, not why!

bulldogmum Sat 09-Jan-16 23:21:26

I would say a pup from either litter will be fab if you've done all the reading, sorted classes, met all the dogs etc! And the breeder also sounds really responsible. One very lucky puppy!!
Def post pics and updates!!

DragonmotherKhaleesi Sat 09-Jan-16 23:32:15

Did you not get a huge amount of advice on your thread in the doghouse op?
Have you made a decision?

tabulahrasa Sat 09-Jan-16 23:36:19

You got loads of answers in the doghouse thread...I'm assuming you just didn't like them then?

TheoriginalLEM Sat 09-Jan-16 23:43:51

this woman is using her dogs as cash cows. don't fund it

EveryLittleThing Sat 09-Jan-16 23:44:40

Yes I did get loads of very helpful answers on doghouse - just thought I would respond to the people who kindly posted here - I'd posted my original in both places - I don;t know the difference tbh!

But thank you all for your kind comments - I will definitely keep you posted - we will go and see the working cockapoo puppies when they are 5 weeks old and make a decision from there .


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