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Three dogs - switching to raw!

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Tate15 Sun 06-Dec-15 18:08:23

I'm a vegetarian and my daughter is a vegan!

I have an 18 month whippet X quarter greyhound, a ten month full whippet and a just over five months pug X with a quarter jack Russell.

The whippets do absolutely fantastic on Gain 28 a high protein greyhound kibble. It is inexpensive but my dogs are in fantastic shape on it. They poo 2-3 times in 24 hours. All good!

Pug is a gannet! He poos lots! Especially during the night! He has started to eat his own poo in the night if not found and poo cleaned up.

Whippets are house trained, pug still goes throughout the night.

Neither my daughter or I want to faff around with raw meat!

We want all three to be fed together.

Today in Pets at Home we bought bags of these

And puppy variety for the pug.

This is our introduction to feeding raw and if we get on well with it we may switch to buying raw mince and buying a dog meat only blender to mix vegetables, fish etc.

Doe anyone else feed Natures Menu and how did you manage with portion sizes as I have just guessed!

missmargot Sun 06-Dec-15 18:11:17

We have two raw fed Pugs and it suits them so well. As I'm sure you know they are very prone to weight gain and it's so important they don't get chubby. We use Nutriment pre-mixed raw with fruit and vegetables blended in, they get three small meals a day served in Kongs so they don't inhale it within seconds.

Nutriment isn't messy or smelly and is no faff at all.

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