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Can I add another?

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GreyhoundOwner Sat 05-Dec-15 20:59:22

I have a beautiful black and white 5 year old greyhound named Buzz.
I have had him for almost 3 months now and he's settled in wonderfully, I got him from the Brighton retired greyhound trust in Twineham. I have got him a crate and squeaky toys. I would love to have another, and I would, without question, would do if I could. I live on the second floor of a flat in seaford, England. Would this be okay? Of course I'd get another crate and stuff like that, would this be unfair on the dogs to add another? Btw I would be getting a girl and I have a boy

Ilikeminitwirls Tue 05-Jan-16 14:56:35

What a lovely, happy looking boy! I notice you posted at the beginning of December. Have you made your mind up? It's lovely you have rescued him. Have you got enough space for 2? Maybe have a word with with the greyhound rescue centre & see what they advise

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