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Cat been driven away by other one.

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WillowKnicks Mon 23-Nov-15 12:59:16

I've 2 tom cats. They are 5 years old & not brothers but I got them both at the same time from the RSPCA at 8 weeks old, so they have grown up together & both were neutered at 4 months old. All was well until the last few months.

Tom1 is a very dominant, boisterous cat & Tom2 is extremely gentle.

Tom1 has been bullying & fighting Tom2 lately & the fur literally has been flying.

Tom2 has now left home sad. The first time, I didn't see him for about 3 weeks & then my dd spotted him & brought him home. Everything seemed normal & he was coming & going as usual but then Tom1 started his bullying again & off he went again. This has happened twice & I've just spotted him, after not seeing him for about 2 weeks but he won't come to me & has gone off.

I'm heartbroken, he was so affectionate with me before & was miaowing (sp?) every time I called him but wouldn't come near.

I will obviously try & coax him home again but I fear it will just be a repeat of what's happened before. I presume he's getting food & shelter elsewhere but I just want him home.

Any advice??

Sleepingtom Mon 23-Nov-15 21:12:06

No advice but I have also misplaced my moggy last week so feel for you :-(. So glad you have seen him and that he appears to be getting food elsewhere. Could you coax him back by leaving tuna outside? I have made a makeshift cat house (with hot water bottle) to try and tempt mine back. He may prefer to be outdoors but happy to come back to be fed?

WillowKnicks Tue 24-Nov-15 08:25:07

Aww sorry about your cat Sleepingtom, hope he/she comes back safe & sound.

That's exactly what I did, left him a bowl of tuna out smile. The last time when I'd coaxed him back in he wasn't particularly hungry but we have quite a few stray cats that live in a neighbours garden that he feeds outside (as well as the local fox population!), so not worried so much about him not eating but just want him home!

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