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Flea's please help.

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Chloeisobelle21 Sun 01-Nov-15 09:34:09

I recently re homed my house cat due to expecting another baby and only living in a flat, well anyway I noticed a good few fleas after she had gone biting my hands. I got some 5 star review spray off amazon and did my whole sofa as that was where they were coming from. Well no fleas for about 2 days but now they are back. I don't have carpet just wooden Lino flooring and I don't have a rug. I'm not really noticing where they are coming from, they are just randomly popping up! Could they be hatching out on the floor? I didn't do the floor as I assumed the sofa was the main problem. I'm getting bitten and so is my DD which I cannot bare sad
Do I do the floor or re do the sofa?

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