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Keeping next door's cat out of our garden?

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RumbleMum Tue 13-Oct-15 20:03:38

Our cat and next door's cat have never got along but things have really come to a head recently. Next door's cat is beating ours up on our patio and ours has ended up with cystitis from the stress. Today our cat has been beaten up so badly he's bleeding everywhere and is visibly upset. :-(

I'm going to look into cat-proofing the boundary fence (there's only one fence next door's cat can easily use to get into our garden) so would really appreciate some advice on what to use - rollers, or something spiky?

Thanks in advance.

stopfaffing Tue 13-Oct-15 20:48:08

Rollers sound good. The cat won't be able to get purchase to jump over into your garden. He currently sees your garden as his territory (cats don't have any conception of property hmm) . Have a squeezy bottle of water handy and when you see him, squirt him and hiss at the same time. It won't hurt him but will cause him to pause and reconsider.

Also, we have a sort of agreement with our neighbours (who also have a couple of cats) that their cats stay in at night out during the day, our two cats are in during the day (asleep) and out at night (hunting). This way they share the territory most of the time but don't get in each other's way.

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