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Advice needed about dealing with cat fleas!

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mrssmiling Tue 06-Oct-15 21:47:05

Despite a recent application of Broadline the cat has fleas....we have been bitten, and a combing on wet paper showed flea dirt and one moving flea!shock The vet said I cannot reapply Broadline - I have bought a recommended flea spray Acclaim, and spent time hoovering everywhere before spraying it in the house. I have also washed bedding, clothing, soft toys etc. The poor cat has been banished outside, and is not long before I can let him in? I can call the vet for advice tomorrow, but thought cat-loving Mumsnetters might be able to help?

SapphireSeptember Thu 15-Oct-15 03:05:41

Not much of a cat lover and someone who lives in dread of fleas, but did a bunch of research on them a few months ago to help a friend. Fleas and the larvae/eggs die if the humidity is below 50%, get it below 40% and that'll be even better, so get a dehumidifier, even just one that absorbs moisture from the air. Hoovering and washing things is great, and I know you've sprayed the place but see if you can get some skoosh, it's silicon based and my mum swears by it. Also, if the cat will stand it give him a bath, preferably outside. Something about soap bubbles disagrees with their exoskeleton, and doing it outside will stop them hopping about your house. If you're getting bitten apply insect repellent and wear trousers tucked into your socks which acts as a barrier. And another tip I picked up is put a flea collar in your hoover to kill any of the buggers that get sucked up. Good luck!

mumchkin Thu 15-Oct-15 03:21:11

You might find that you've removed the live fleas from the carpet etc but they could have laid eggs that will hatch in a few weeks. If you find fleas again down the track, this is probably the case, rather than a new infestation. If that happens, treat the cat again, get everyone out for the day and lay a couple of 'bug bombs' in each room. Our cat caught fleas from the cattery and they were a nightmare. Going OTT with the bug bombs is the only thing that worked for us.

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